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Ennoïa Body Slim Gel is made of a blend of four plants that have high caffeine content: green coffee as a stimulant, black tea with invigorating properties, guarana for destocking fats, and maté as an energizer. A warming ingredient made from capsicum is added to this blend for stimulating and toning action. This blend also contains a capsicum-based warming agent for stimulating and toning the body. The active molecule glaucine accelerates destocking of fats. Paraben-free.

Results from using ennoïa Body Slim Gel

The synergy of this botanical blend gives ennoïa Slim Gel an outstanding and noticeable slimming effect. It’s just what you need to feel proud of your figure!

Directions for use

Apply ennoïa Slimming Gel morning or evening by massaging upwards. Pay particular attention to the troubles spots to be treated.
For more visible results, supplement your slimming program with ennoïa UNICADOSE® Detoxifier.

C 726
250 ml pump bottle

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