Ennoïa has not forgotten slimming treatments in its complete range of beauty products! It has created a Slim Gel, a Bust Firming Gel, and a Detoxifier for a pleasurable way to shed the pounds!

Ennoïa Body Slim Gel with 5 Plant Extracts

is a blend of active toning ingredients with an outstanding slimming effect. Based on a cocktail of four plants with high levels of stimulating and toning properties, this Slim Gel helps the body eliminate fat. Combined with ennoïa UNICADOSE ® Detoxifier, your slimming beauty program is complete!
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Ennoïa Bust Firming Gel with Kigeline and Pomegranate extracts

A gel for women who want to enhance the appearance of their busts. The gel’s firming action limits sagging of the skin. A formula that visibly improves the firmness of the breasts!
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Ennoïa UNICADOSE® Berry Detoxifier

is a slimming formula that is particularly high in fiber. It will help you slim down your figure when taken over the recommended period of 14 to 28 days. Combine your course of slimming treatment with a sporting activity, a healthy lifestyle, and ennoïa Slim Gel for optimal results!
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