Fights dryness

Active ingredients in ennoïa Cold Protection Hand Cream

The extract of desert plant Myrothamnus flabellifolia strengthens skin’s resistance to moisture loss due to exposure to harsh elements. It provides long-lasting protection. For smooth and easy application, the formula has been enriched with sweet almond oil and shea butter. Paraben-free.

Results from using this protective cream

Ennoïa Cold Protection Hand Cream was specially formulated to fight the effects of heat and cold and their damaging, drying impact on skin. It keeps hands comfortable when gardening, skiing, or walking outdoors.

Directions for use

In winter, apply ennoïa Cold Protection Hand Cream to hands daily to protect them from the cold. For even greater comfort down to your toes, also try ennoïa Warming Foot Cream.

C 693 50 ml tube

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