The active ingredients in ennoïa Anti-Aging Cream

Ennoïa Active Anti-Aging Hand Cream contains an active moisturizing ingredient made with the three main products found in beehives: honey, propolis, and royal jelly. This combination is rich in amino acids, proteins, lipids, and vitamins and intensely nourishes skin while minimizing the ravages of time and harsh external elements. This unique formula also contains three precious botanical oils - argan oil, jojoba oil, and baobab oil - all used in cosmetics to help nourish the skin. Paraben-free.

Results from using ennoïa Anti-Aging Cream

The highly effective active ingredients in ennoïa Active Anti-Aging Hand Cream strengthen skin’s resistance to help keep it smooth and supple. Your hands can face life’s harsher moments and stay beautiful and young-looking!

Directions for use

Apply your Anti-Aging Cream to hands several times a day, massaging gently. Regular use is highly recommended. C 694 50 ml tube

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