Total softness

The active ingredients in ennoïa heel repairing cream

Aloe vera gel extract has remarkable cleansing and softening qualities, and allantoin soothes and comforts. Beeswax and Jojoba nourish and protect the skin. Paraben-free.


Ennoïa Heel Repairing Callus Softening Cream helps you gently eliminate calluses from feet. This heal cream also nourishes and protects skin with beeswax and jojoba. Your feet are better protected and nourished on a daily basis, so feet stay soft and callus formation is reduced.

Directions for use

Apply Heel Repairing Softening Callus Cream to clean, dry feet. Massage to work cream into calluses to soften them. To keep feet their softest, apply ennoïa Triple-Action Foot Gel before applying Heel Repairing Cream.

C 724 100 ml tube

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