Active ingredients in ennoïa Anti-Perspiration Foot Cream

Peppermint essential oil has very effective and natural cleansing and refreshing properties. Sage extract has many medical virtues, acting as a purifying astringent. Aluminum chlorohydrate is an ingredient that limits excessive perspiration, ideal for inclusion in an effective foot anti-perspirant. Paraben-free.

Results from using ennoïa Anti-Perspiration Foot Cream

Ennoïa Anti-Perspiration Foot Cream is your solution to an embarrassing problem. It fights excessive foot perspiration, which can lead to unpleasant odor and irritation. This cream noticeably comforts and soothes clean feet.

Directions for use

Apply Anti-Perspiration Foot Cream daily to clean, dry feet. Massage gently. For longer-lasting results from your Anti-Perspiration Foot Cream, first use ennoïa Triple-Action Foot Gel.

C 723 100 ml tube

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