Our feet do an important job of supporting the body and deserve special attention! Foot care can also be a favorite daily ritual. With this in mind, ennoïa has created a complete range of foot creams with exfoliating, anti-perspiration, and heel repairing properties!

Ennoïa Triple-Action Foot Gel with Mint and Sage essential oils

is an effective foot scrub that provides true comfort during and after application. Apply after a warm soak for a sumptuous exfoliating treat. You will love this foot scrub with its refreshing properties!
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Ennoïa Anti-Perspiration Foot Cream with Peppermint essential oil

is a powerful anti-perspirant that offers noticeable relief from excessive perspiration. This valuable foot treatment helps fight unpleasant odors. The essential anti-perspirant for the feet.
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Ennoïa Warming Foot Cream with Capsicum extracts

creates an immediate sensation of warmth for cold, numb feet. A miracle cream for cold feet during the winter season!
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Ennoïa Heel Repairing Callus Softening Cream with Aloe extract

treats the heels while gently helping to eliminate calluses. You will appreciate this heel cream for its remarkable cleansing and soothing properties. The beeswax and jojoba wax in ennoïa Heel Repairing Callus Softening Cream also nourish and protect the skin.
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