For a soft, radiant complexion

The active ingredients in ennoïa Foaming Cleanser

This ennoïa Foaming Cleanser contains mild surface-active agents derived from apple juice amino acids with gentle, foaming action that is well-tolerated by skin and eyes. Paraben-free.


Ennoïa Foaming Cleanser cleanses and softens skin, yet respects skin’s natural balance. Your complexion will become soft and radiant.

Directions for use

This creamy foam makes washing your face a true pleasure and ensures gentle cleansing of the face. Apply with circular motions to dampened skin on the face and neck, then rinse thoroughly with water. Use your ennoïa Foaming Cleanser morning and evening to keep skin clean and fresh. The ennoïa Foaming Cleanser bottle is fitted with a pump dispenser to make this twice-daily ritual quick and easy.

C 682 100 ml pump bottle

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