Gives you a radiant complexion

The active ingredients in ennoïa Anti-wrinkle Face Cream with 
Prickly pear

is frequently used in formulating anti-wrinkle products. The extract is rich in Vitamin C and well-known as an antioxidant with nourishing properties. Organic silicon helps restructure skin’s main component, collagen. Two scientifically-tested anti-aging ingredients improve skin’s elasticity and firmness while visibly reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This anti-wrinkle cream, enriched with macadamia oil, oleic sunflower oil, and shea butter, is specially formulated for dry skin. Paraben-free.


Ennoïa Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream nourishes dry skin, providing a feeling of softness and protecting skin from premature aging. It slows the appearance of wrinkles and gives you a radiant complexion.

Directions for using ennoïa Anti-wrinkle Face Cream

Apply your ennoïa Anti-wrinkle Cream evenly morning and evening using the etirelax ® massage technique.  For even better anti-aging results from your Anti-Wrinkle Cream, first use the Radiance Complexion Facial Mask, then apply cream.

C 689 50 ml airless pump dispenser.

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