Whatever our skin concerns may be, what our skin needs first and foremost is moisture. The body is naturally made of 60 to 70% water. The dermis contains 70% water and the skin, about 15%. Water is essential for proper cell function. Our total intake of water through food and beverages over the course of the day must compensate for our entire daily moisture loss, which totals about 2.5 liters. Remember to drink enough water each day. Moisturize your skin morning and evening to provide it with this natural treat.


The very act of taking care of ourselves is completely natural! It helps us to feel good in our bodies, feel good with ourselves, and lets us experience great moments of serenity. Start the day gently with a deep breath in and out, help the whole body breathe by stretching happily, drink a tall glass of water…these simple acts, taken together, harmoniously prepare your body and mind for the day. Your beauty also depends on how you manage stress, because stress contributes to water retention and fat storage. Your skin is a reflection of what is happening inside you. So taking care of yourself becomes a true beauty ritual...


Losing weight can be of major importance for many people. When used in concentrated form, plants can help us lose weight, but only when combined with dietary measures, a healthy lifestyle, and physical activity. It is also important to make a long-term commitment to weight loss and body care, to avoid the “yo-yo” effect of loss and gain, loss and gain. Paying attention to eating a balanced diet, choosing a sport you like that you can practice year round, are very important parts of keeping a figure that you are happy with.


Essential oils are concentrates of Nature with wonderful, effective powers. They stimulate the mind and have remarkable healing virtues, with a unique power to act on the skin. Essential oils help promote harmony of body and mind. To take full advantage of their effects, ennoïa combines them with plant extracts chosen especially for their benefits, creating blends that bursting with nature, enjoyment, and harmony...

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