Simple, natural application movements

The ennoïa Etirelax® technique:

Stretching and releasing the skin allows for better absorption of the active ingredients found in our products, and it helps to stimulate the skin.

Here are the basic movements:

Stretching the eye contour area with two fingers

Stretch the skin up and down with two fingers of the same hand, then side to side with one finger of the other hand, as shown in the illustrations, to stimulate the skin and encourage penetration of the cream or gel.

Stretching the face and body with both hands (see illustrations above):

For the face:

Stretch the facial skin with both hands, applying the cream or gel with two hands, moving in the direction of the arrows in the illustration.  

For the body:

Place one hand on the skin and stretch it to one side; with the other hand, apply the cream or gel, moving away from the stretching hand, applying while the skin is still taut. Release the skin once the application is complete.

ennoia application movements

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